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First posted 2014.

Bear Grylls


It should be screened as a comedy:  “Bear Grylls,” Good first name his real name is -Edward (Ted) Micheal Grylls,” But Ted has not the same ring to it as Bear, although you could add another D and Y on the end of Ted and call him Teddy Bear.

Survival programmes, when he supposed to be on a desert island sleeping rough with crocodiles and snakes but was filmed in the garden of a hotel in Hawaii, with young Bear sleeping in a comfortable hotel bed every night. And another episode when they were filming bears the four-legged ones this time, either in Canada or wherever bears are to be found, but with tight schedules filming they couldn’t wait for real bears to make an entrance, so one of the crew dressed up as a bear, handy having a fancy dress costume shop in the forest, anyway Mr Bear with the make-believe bear fooled me.

These Ultimate Survival programmes with Bear Grylls is scripted reality Television. It’s pre-planned, and if the outcome which filmed do not meet the specified results, they are edited and replaced with scenes which match the outcomes that are desired.

And now we have another comedy series: Channel 4s.The Island. Where a group of men of all trades and professions are on a desert island, no women so there should be plenty of man hugs. It made me laugh in the first episode having hiked through the mangrove swamp, the castaways came across a beach and turned into a lot of children and went swimming when they supposed to be looking for water, of course they found plenty of water “The Sea” they might have thought there  was a purifying sea water plant nearby, because they continued  having a great time, one stood on rocks praying for rain, another stung by jellyfish, in the end, they found water and managed to light a fire after many hours, and plenty of man hugs. Can’t wait for the next episode.  Me.

Postscript. Reposted from 2014.

Bear is now the chief scout and doing good work for the scouting moving. He spoke at the conservative conference on his work with the movement.


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