How I began

“Life is what you make it”.

My name is Gerald “not my birth name,” I changed by deed poll some years later. I started to draw when I was 4 years old, the pictures I drew were mainly of buildings, I received no encouragement from my parents, in fact, they thought I was mentally backward (which I am still to some degree,) by keep drawing the same subject over and over again. I continued to draw off and on through the coming years, but I also continued to fall foul of the law which landed me in , one of them was a , I was detained under section 26, for almost 2 years. I spent the time there in a lock up ward, during that period I was administered many without my permission, or my parent’s permission. The were administered at the “request of the intelligence services,” and these drugs had a profound affect for the rest of my life. I have written an 800 word plus account of the experiments carried out at Brookwood hospital Woking, by the military and counter military intelligence in the early 1960s, it’s been verified and the said documents are now in the National Archives London; also they can be viewed at the , Goldsworth Road, Woking. Surrey. Most of the work I do now is in pencil and , I  draw mainly and attend an art therapy group in Farnham, called Creative Response which is for people with . I have been there for over 5  years, they do not teach only encourage, and they are all practising artists, I have gained much help there, and now that I have retired it is part of my routine of life.  Clicking on the portrait of Rebecca(right) takes you to outside in, and some of my work. The blogs I write are my own,  the one or two that I haven’t written the author is “identified.”014 I have no qualifications So any errors will have to remain errors. Me. 
Funding denied by Surrey county council, left creative response about a year ago.
However now write about my experiences, and politics in general.

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