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Momentum: Windsor.

Momentum: Windsor.  I read in the millionaire owned press particular in the Daily Mail that a conservative councillor, Simon Dudley has asked the police to remove rough sleepers from the Royal Borough of Windsor, before the wedding of Parasite Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle, that will be on the 19th May this year. Tory

They have no money, however they vote Conservative (Tory)

  Why do British people vote conservative when they have no money? The remainers must be happy bunnies at the snail’s pace on leaving the European Union. And now with the building giant Carillion going into liquidation threatening 20,000 job losses in the United Kingdom; they the remainers will blame the Brexiteers.  I like to know

Hollywood’s Golden Globe Awards.

Film awards season gets underway; this is the first major ceremony since Hollywood was hit by its sexual harassment scandal. Acceptance speeches are expected to focus on this issue. Oprah Winfrey gave a speech against ubiquitous sexual abuse, warning men that their time is up, not just in Hollywood but domestic, factory workers, in fact, all female

Israel: Deports:

   Israel: They control the most extensive open prison camp in the world. The Gaza Strip! And Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli prime minister who is liable to go on trial shortly for corruption. However, His government want to deport some 60,000 North African migrants who have entered Israel illegally fleeing war, and famine, mainly from Eritrea and

Jon Venables.

Another monster coming out of the woodwork yet again, Jon Venables. He and classmate Robert Thomson murdered James Bulger way back in 1993 they themselves were only ten years old. Two-year-old James was abducted from a shopping center and lured to a railway track in Bootle Merseyside, where he was tortured and murdered. These two young ferals were released in 2001

Rapist, Worboys.

Porn Star Worboys. I read that ex-black cabby John Worboysis ex-stripper, and porn star is to be freed after nine years in prison. He carried out rapes and sexual assaults on over a hundred women, but only tried on one rape and a minimal number of sexual assaults with drugs. This is a monster and should never be

Two Banana Republics Guatemala and Honduras.

 I hear that Guatemala and Honduras these two bananas republics along with an archipelago of geopolitically obscure islands; Togo, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau. The two larger countries Guatemala and Honduras have sold their soul for a kings shilling to gain a few more dollars in American aid? By voting with America and Israel at the

Saint Petersburg To Helsinki.

You don’t have to be mad, However, if doves help? My companion and I have just returned from another jolly this time from St Petersburg Russia, and Helsinki Finland. Before I begin our little tale I like to mention the visa application which was daunting, well it was for me. I booked the flight and hotel

Harry Another Royal Wedding.

 This time Prince Harry 5th in line to the throne soon to be 6th. Harry, the second son of Princess Diana, will marry the mixed race actress Megan Markle. The actress intends to become a British citizen according to a spokesperson for Harry, and maybe she could become a Television celebrity over here too; Mrs Brown s boys comes to

Russian Television.

    Russian Television in the United States is under attack from the Department of Justice. Apparently, Russian Television channel RT is now an agent of a foreign power. The network will have to provide regular reporting on its activities and flag all funds it receives from the Russian government. The United States Justice Department can’t explain why this