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Death of Diana.

 Twenty years on Cards, flowers, tears flow outside Kensington Palace, London. Remembering the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.  People gathering outside the gates of the palace, how many would remember their own grandparents, and parents twenty years on. Retired Church of England Curate, the Reverend Frank Gelli, holding a brief service outside the palace

Confederate States of America.

Is the far left the new NAZIS!! anybody that says anything here and America, that is not on their song sheet is a Fascist!! The far left and their supporters want the statue of Robert E. Lee removed in Charlottesville, Virginia. A left-wing authoress Afua Hirsch wants the statue of Nelson’s column in London’s Trafalgar

Ukraine&United States.

  In the Ukraine, you have good “neo-Nazis” In the United States you have bad “neo-Nazis.”In the United States and other western media, the “neo-Nazis” are described accurately  as bad “neo-Nazis.”The far right in America has vastly different coverage in the western media. The demonstrators were accurately described as carrying torches, chanting Nazi slogans, “Blood

Warmonger Trump.Or who’s pulling the strings:

North Korea may well fulfil its threats to attack Guam, United States territory, if Washington keeps rapping up the pressure on Pyongyang (North Korean Capital,) South Korea has much to lose, Seoul the Capital is only 60 miles away, and is within reach of North Korean artillery, so Seoul could be obliterated along with American


 They say a country of striking beauty: Venezuela a country on the northern coast of South America, along its Caribbean coast are tropical resort islands, including Isla de Margarita, and the Los Rogues archipelago, to the northwest, are the Andes Mountains. Caracas the capital to the north. Venezuela has a land surface of 353,841 sq miles,

Our visit to Oslo:Norway

  Over ½ a million English visit Norway every year for those who stop off or stay in Oslo, this story might be of interest. It makes a change from my political posts. Rebecca and I have just returned from another jolly. Some of the views I express are not necessarily the views of my

DPRK: North Korea.

 This is a bit hypocritical to me, you have South Korea occupied by at least 23,000 United States troops, 28,000 occupying Japan and Guam. United States 7th fleet operates in the South China Sea, no wonder the DPRK feels under threat. A DPRK missile launch and the United States goes into overdrive, with exercises by

Vienna, Austria.

Rebecca my companion on the hotel veranda opposite the Schonbrunn Palace, having her nightly cup of cocoa. Our jolly from Budapest Hungary to Vienna Austria by train was pleasant but uneventful, with no border or customs we didn’t know when we crossed the border into Austria. Two hours forty minutes we were in Vienna. Vienna

The Glenfell Fire:

  Glenfill: It’s one of the most serious fires I have seen, the speed in which it engulfed the building was horrendous, cladding on the facade seemed to have caused this rapid expansion of the fire, so questions need to be answered not just cladding. Glenfill and other local council flats used to be managed


   I and my companion Rebecca on another jolly: Back to Budapest Hungary, and we also incorporated Vienna, Austria. Only five days but did not disappoint. Six months earlier when we visited Budapest it was a public holiday, many places of interest were closed including the House of Terror.The House of Terror commemorating the 1956