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DPRK: North Korea.

 This is a bit hypocritical to me, you have South Korea occupied by at least 23,000 United States troops, 28,000 occupying Japan and Guam. United States 7th fleet operates in the South China Sea, no wonder  the DPRK feels under threat. A DPRK missile launch and United States goes into overdrive, with exercises by Japan

(DPRK) North Korea:

Is  China going to help the United States, on Donald Trumps pronouncements that he will take responsibility in dealing with DPRK  military threat. North Korea is a dot on the map like my country Great Britain. North Korea is surrounded by United States basis,  missiles pointing at Pyongyang (capital.) It’s no wonder that North Korea is

DPRK: Korea:

   The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea) I will refer to it in my post as DPRK. The country is regarded as the most isolated in the world. It is situated in East Asia in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, with its northern neighbour China. The Capital is Pyongyang and the
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