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They have no money, however they vote Conservative (Tory)

  Why do British people vote conservative when they have no money? The remainers must be happy bunnies at the snail’s pace on leaving the European Union. And now with the building giant Carillion going into liquidation threatening 20,000 job losses in the United Kingdom; they the remainers will blame the Brexiteers.  I like to know

Hollywood’s Golden Globe Awards.

Film awards season gets underway; this is the first major ceremony since Hollywood was hit by its sexual harassment scandal. Acceptance speeches are expected to focus on this issue. Oprah Winfrey gave a speech against ubiquitous sexual abuse, warning men that their time is up, not just in Hollywood but domestic, factory workers, in fact, all female

Israel: Deports:

   Israel: They control the most extensive open prison camp in the world. The Gaza Strip! And Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli prime minister who is liable to go on trial shortly for corruption. However, His government want to deport some 60,000 North African migrants who have entered Israel illegally fleeing war, and famine, mainly from Eritrea and

Rapist, Worboys.

Porn Star Worboys. I read that ex-black cabby John Worboysis ex-stripper, and porn star is to be freed after nine years in prison. He carried out rapes and sexual assaults on over a hundred women, but only tried on one rape and a minimal number of sexual assaults with drugs. This is a monster and should never be

Russian Television.

    Russian Television in the United States is under attack from the Department of Justice. Apparently, Russian Television channel RT is now an agent of a foreign power. The network will have to provide regular reporting on its activities and flag all funds it receives from the Russian government. The United States Justice Department can’t explain why this

Tax Avoidance, Tax Havens:

 I have been posting on my blog about tax avoidance particularly some of the top 1% of companies. Now with the exposure of the Paradise Papers, many more including sports personalities and television celebrities could be in line for Madam Guillotine. Maybe I won’t go that far. The comedy series Mrs Brown Boys they have done

Female Snowflake.

 Female snowflakes the media has got something else to feed off now, the witch hunt is on inside and outside of parliament for inappropriate behaviour. When men interview women whether they are reporters or politicians some women should be regarded as “snowflakes” as any untoward behaviour, human resources are likely to be called in. Perhaps a glass

Ukraine&United States.

  In the Ukraine, you have good “neo-Nazis” In the United States you have bad “neo-Nazis.”In the United States and other western media, the “neo-Nazis” are described accurately  as bad “neo-Nazis.”The far right in America has vastly different coverage in the western media. The demonstrators were accurately described as carrying torches, chanting Nazi slogans, “Blood


 They say a country of striking beauty: Venezuela a country on the northern coast of South America, along its Caribbean coast are tropical resort islands, including Isla de Margarita, and the Los Rogues archipelago, to the northwest, are the Andes Mountains. Caracas the capital to the north. Venezuela has a land surface of 353,841 sq miles,

The Glenfell Fire:

  Glenfill: It’s one of the most serious fires I have seen, the speed in which it engulfed the building was horrendous, cladding on the facade seemed to have caused this rapid expansion of the fire, so questions need to be answered not just cladding. Glenfill and other local council flats used to be managed