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Ukraine&United States.

  In the Ukraine, you have good “neo-Nazis” In the United States you have bad “neo-Nazis.”In the United States and other western media, the “neo-Nazis” are described accurately  as bad “neo-Nazis.”The far right in America has vastly different coverage in the western media. The demonstrators were accurately described as carrying torches, chanting Nazi slogans, “Blood


 They say a country of striking beauty: Venezuela a country on the northern coast of South America, along its Caribbean coast are tropical resort islands, including Isla de Margarita, and the Los Rogues archipelago, to the northwest, are the Andes Mountains. Caracas the capital to the north. Venezuela has a land surface of 353,841 sq miles,

The Glenfell Fire:

  Glenfill: It’s one of the most serious fires I have seen, the speed in which it engulfed the building was horrendous, cladding on the facade seemed to have caused this rapid expansion of the fire, so questions need to be answered not just cladding. Glenfill and other local council flats used to be managed

Manchester: Bee Symbol of Manchester.

 The terror in Manchester: We in Britain, European Union, and of course the United States of America, we created this monster called ISIS. The Western nations wanted regime changes in the Middle East! so we bomb the shit out of them, “we sow the seed so we must reap the whirlwind.”   The United Kingdom is among the

China: From Panda Bears to Investments.

 China Once it was the Panda, now its foreign investment and it’s coming soon to a country near you. Last year the Financial Times wrote that China’s outbound investment will soon surpass the amount invested inside the country, making a giant step forward for mankind; China is on the verge of becoming a net exporter

Grenada: The United States Invasion.

. Grenada independence was granted on February 7th, 1974, under the leadership of Eric  Gairy, who became the first prime minister of Grenada. In 1983 the United States-led invasion of this Caribbean island resulted in a victory within a matter of weeks. The United States president at the time was Ronald Reagan, and he gave


1 Syria’s central bank is state owned. 2 Syria has no IMF debt. 3 Syria has oil and gas reserves. 4 Syria dropped U.S. Dollar. 5 Syria banned GMO seeds. 6 Syria is one of the last secular Muslim nations in the middle east. Read more posts on Syria. Me Gerald Pascal 13/4/2017

Kenya: End Of The White Man In Africa.

  Is it the end of the White man in Africa. This comes after the murder in Kenya of legendary rancher and ladies man, Father of two, South African born Tristan Voorspuy. Mr. Voorspuy was killed as he inspected lodges on his farm after they have been set on fire. Unlike John Wayne, he was


There is no increase in crime in Sweden? Social Democrat Julia Naraghi hit back at Donald Trump insisting there was “no evidence” immigration had led to crime increase, even though there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The economist declared that the Nordic Countries “is probably the best governments in the world” that was a

Ivanka:Trump Card.

 Ivanka Trump. A little piece of gossip. It looks like Ivanka Trump, that’s his eldest daughter is going to become a trademark in China for 65 companies and individuals. I have put a question mark by trademark because most of the applications are still being processed. However, around 40 Chinese companies have reportedly used Chinese