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Guy Fawkes.

 Guy Fawkes was also known as Guido Fawkes, he was a member of a group of 13 provincial Catholics who planned the gunpowder plot of 1605 to blow up parliament, and murder protestant King James 1 of England. Their leader was Robert Gatesby, Guy Fawkes was only a minor cog in the wheel. Gatesby wanted to assassinate the King

Death of Diana.

 Twenty years on Cards, flowers, tears flow outside Kensington Palace, London. Remembering the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.  People gathering outside the gates of the palace, how many would remember their own grandparents, and parents twenty years on. Retired Church of England Curate, the Reverend Frank Gelli, holding a brief service outside the palace

Confederate States of America.

Is the far left the new NAZIS!! anybody that says anything here and America, that is not on their song sheet is a Fascist!! The far left and their supporters want the statue of Robert E. Lee removed in Charlottesville, Virginia. A left-wing authoress Afua Hirsch wants the statue of Nelson’s column in London’s Trafalgar

Pancho Villa

 Who the hell is Pancho Villa? Who bloody cares! Well, I am fed up with writing about the Middle East, whether to bomb or not to bomb ISIS in Syria. I wrote a story on Evita Peron. And now Pancho Villa. So who is Pancho Villa?   Mexican bank robber comes Revolutionary;   Born Doroteo Arango, on June  5th,

Moon Landing.Wernher Von Braun.

  Edwin Eugene Aldrin, known as Buzz Aldrin, is an American engineer and astronaut, and the second person to walk on the moon? or walk in a Hollywood studio set up in the Negev desert Arizona! Brian Edward Cox, is an English physicist and professor of particle physics, at the school of physics and astronomy, at Manchester University,

Raoul Wallenberg Swedens Schindler.

Raoul Wallenberg, a short history: I remember seeing a documentary many years ago, about a Swedish diplomat, his name Raoul Wallenberg he saved thousands of Jews from the death camps, by issuing them with Swedish passports, (Sweden neutral during the war) the passports normally saved them from these camps. The country in question “Hungary” a


    “The Great Escape” from the second world war prisoner of war camp Stalag Luft 111, in Poland, took place 70 years ago. American bloc buster film was made in 1963, with the razzmatazz of Hollywood except without the dancing-girls. The American actors starring in all the major roles, and participating in ” The


A new film based on a true story by Black British film director “Steve McQueen.”He criticized Hollywood for avoiding slavery as a subject. No worries over here the neo-Marxist BBC likes reminding us of our past misdeeds. You think slavery is something that the British “orchestrated (or invented).” Slavery began in prehistoric times and has

My Ballad of Reading Gaol

Reading Gaol Reading Gaol or Jail is going to close at the end of the year, does not generate a lot of interest in most people, only the staff being made redundant. This grade listed building held one of the flamboyant of Irish poets and writers Oscar Wilde. Poor old Oscar served 2 years in

1879 Rorke’s Drift and the slaughter at Isandlwana

Rorke’s Drift The year 1879 Rorke’s Drift on the Natal border with Zululand in South Africa. A mission station run by Swedish missionaries, a Father and Daughter combo! Named as the Witts. Now manned by the British Army in their brilliant red army uniforms, they must have stuck out like sore thumbs but the battle