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Robots.Will lead to mass unemployment.

  Luddite Uprising. A little history for the unworldly. Once upon a time in 1779, a young man called Ned Ludd, he was an apprentice weaver in the village of Anstry, just outside Leicester, England. He never knew it; however he was about to make history, his occupation a framework-knitter, but his employer or master in

Prison and Robots:

 Professor Moshe Vardi of Rice University in the United States, claims many professionals will be outsourced to machines within the next few decades, leaving workers with more leisure time than they have experienced. This could be good news for Great Britain! especially for the prison service, who are now experiencing staff shortages after sacking many

The last throw of a lame duck:

 President of the United States Barack Obama is this the last throes of a lame duck! is he trying to dig a hole that president to be Donald Trump can’t get out of? I am talking about the 35 expulsions of Russian diplomats and the closing of two Russian compounds and the talk of more

Mind Bending Experiments in France.

Des expériences de la CIA Port-Saint français-Esprit, France : c’est proche de mon coeur comme je l’ai trop ont été expérimentés sur, au début des années 1960. Port -Saint-Esprit, France, est une très pittoresque village dans le sud de la France, mais ses habitants ont été mystérieusement radiée avec folie de masse et des hallucinations,

Mind bending experiments in Port-Saint-Exprit. France.

  CIA experiments in Port-Saint-Esprit, France: This is close to my heart as I too have been experimented upon, back in the early 1960s. Port -Saint-Esprit, France, is a quiet picturesque village in southern France, however, its inhabitants were mysteriously struck down with mass insanity and hallucinations, people must have thought this was the second

Disney Ban for being Muslim ?

 All this rubbish in the media about being banned from entering the United States of America, the land of the free. “Just for being Muslim” So what has the warmongering United States got to say for itself??? A dad has told of the humiliation after the family of 11, that’s two brothers with their 9

Love You To Death.

  The documentary I’m going to see tonight is all about women killed by their male partners. “Love you to death.” On average seven women a month in Britain are killed by their male partners or ex-partners. The documentary tells the untold story of the human tragedy inflicted on these women and their families, it

Experiments at Brookwood Hospital 1963 to1964

“The following account is a true statement of what happened to me in Brookwood Hospital over 50 years ago.” Brookwood a pleasant village with a mental Hospital near Woking Surrey. I was a vulnerable 19-year-old, I was detained on the 1st of January 1963 under section 26 of the mental health act 1959,” but it