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Islamic State:

 Carnage in London. A knife wielding terrorist murdered a police officer, and mowed down pedestrians many of them tourists in a 4 wheel drive hired car on London’s Westminster Bridge, then he tried to enter parliament on foot, stabbing the police officer at the main gate before being shot and killed. About 40 pedestrians were

London should it be named Londonstan?

 One day? This post is written in jest : However I feel Isilization is creeping in slowly but surely. Should London now be named Londonstan? With the London assembly elections over, the person’s choice a Muslim mayor, however I think many votes were cast for Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party not Sadiq Khan. Londonstan

“Backstabbing” Turkey.

 Vladimir Putin accuses Turkey of “Backstabbing” and funding ISIS at a recent press conference with the King of Jordan. Turkeys shooting down of a Russian war-plane goes beyond fight V S terror. This aircraft was no threat to Turkey even if it did fly over Turkeys airspace for 17 seconds.What about Turkeys violations? they are supposed to

United States along with Israel. Backing Isis!

 Russia has asked the United States of America for increase military cooperation against ISIS. American President “Bongo” Obama rejected Russian calls for such cooperation, insisting United States tactics to ISIS would not change; of course it’s not going to change! they armed ISIS in the beginning and created this murdering organisation. America has been bombing

Luton 0 Isis 12

 A family of 12 who went to their home country of Bangladesh, have not been seen since 17 th May, but have heard that the family stopped off in Turkey, on their way home, but then had crossed into Syria to join Isis, Isil, or Da’ish. A family member over here said they are “devastated”

Missing Muslim sisters.

  The three Muslim sisters and their brood of 9 children. The Dawood family; let them go to Isis -land or bongo land for all I care, think of the benefits we are saving, they don’t care a hoot for our way of life, or our country, and their husbands either. Two of the Muslim fathers

Do We Need a Global Cyber-terrorism Charter?

This is the second of  two post that I have not written. Me Gerald Pascal. Isis Without Twitter or YouTube, how many supporters would the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Al-Qaeda have? These, and other, social media and video-sharing websites have made it easy for criminals and extremists to contact and interact


   THE FLAG OF DEATH:        Isis or the Islamic State as they call themselves, the murderous scum which are now occupying a swathe of territory in Syria, and Iraq. The tip of the iceberg is the horrific video which I advise not to watch!!


  Isis is on the march; the road to Baghdad beckon’s the jihardist with 500 British Muslims in tow. Although I would put a one in front of the 500. The millionaire owners and the journalists of the British press will want to keep figures down for political correctness. OIL we don’t want to upset
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