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Jeremy Corbyn Leader of the Labour Party:

 Jeremy Corbyn changed his mind on the European Union and put his foot in the remain camp. In the 70s Corbyn voted to pull out of the European Union and voted against the Maastrick treaty of 1993. Why did he change his mind at the stages of the Labour leadership election last summer, he was

Jeremy Corbyn: Copeland by- election.

This will be the first by-election fought in a Labour / Conservative marginal seat since JeremyCorbyn was elected leader. At the moment the Conservative party are on 41% and Labour 27%.Why call it a marginal? the seat  been under Labour control since the year dot.Well maybe now.  This by-election in Cumbria which includes Whitehaven, was

Corbyn increases his mandate.

Jeremy Corbyn: Its got to be welcome news to Socialist and progressives throughout the Labour movement. Labour is now one of the biggest parties in Europe!!! Jeremy Corbyn has got winning possibilities for the next general election, however the party has now got to unite; and the Labour supporters  have got to get their thinking caps

Anna Soubry, and John McDonnell, on Question Time.

 Anna Soubry. The former Tory Minister Anna Soubry appeared on (BBC) British Broadcasting Corporation Question Time recently, among the panelists were John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, Alastair Campbell, Director Of Communication and Strategy,(spin doctor.) Joanna Cherry, Scottish Nationalist MP, and Quentin Letts, Journalist. This sour face Tory bitch Anna Soubry branded John McDonnell a nasty piece

London should it be named Londonstan?

 One day? This post is written in jest : However I feel Isilization is creeping in slowly but surely. Should London now be named Londonstan? With the London assembly elections over, the person’s choice a Muslim mayor, however I think many votes were cast for Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party not Sadiq Khan. Londonstan

The Ten Commandments + for Jeremy Corbyn

 Signing of the Magna Carta. Well he spoke for nearly an hour. That’s Jeremy Corbyn newly appointed leader of the labour party. The speech large sections of it was written in the 1980s, and some of it were posted on a blog four years later. Free lance writer Richard Heller wrote the speech. Apparently the
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