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Update on my Cockatiel. (A change from my usual posts)

 If you keep a Cockatiel then these posts might be of interest: This is the third post on my Cockatiel: The first story I wrote  was called My Cockatiel which was posted on the 17th  November 2013, it dealt with health and safety of (“Tic” that’s her name she is a Pied Cockatiel, hatched 11th  April

Touch wood she has not decided to rejoin the air force.

This is the second post that I have written on my Cockatiel. My first post dealt with the care and quality of life. It has been 18 months since my Cockatiel last appeared, she has now reached the age of 27 years 31 days not yet a record for longevity, but she is looking good,

My Cockatiel

Cockatiel My version of how to look after a Cockatiel. ” TIC ” that is her name. Giving her Brandy to drink might be a bit “over the top”  but it is true, and you can see by the picture she is looking good!  I have written this blog as a change to my usual