Notting hill Carnival Archive

J’ouvert Parade. Notting hill Carnival.

 A happy police officer: J’ouvert Parade: Notting Hill Carnival revellers enjoying themselves on Sunday. Six people stabbed, Seventy one  taken to hospital, over one hundred arrested, one of them stabbed was a 15-year-old boy. On top of the knife and drug offences, there were sexual and GBH, ABH, assaults.To-day is for adults yesterday’s happy event


The Un- British Summer Crimefest, “as I like to call it”  the Notting Hill Carnival , we have the usual camera shots, white women dancing; black lardie woman  dancing with white policeman minus his helmet, Crime Down,  one of the most peaceful carnivals of recent years; same old claptrap year after year. But every year we have
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