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Is the (BBC) British Broadcasting Corporation:Bias?

 Has the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) been taken over by leftist leaning do-gooder’s, and feminists fanatical s, have they made it their own to use the BBC as a vehicle to promote their political agenda. The BBC seem to misrepresent opponents views, character assassinations, especially anything to do with President Putin’s Russian Federation. The (USA)

Bring Back Borstal

    I tuned into ITV and watched the programme Bring Back Borstal, which was poignant to me; it’s a Television reality experiment that puts a group of about 15 young offenders into a recreated borstal, set in a Northumberland Castle. It’s depicting life there in the 1930s.  This is a four-part series,”I shall be


  Bear Grylls   It should be screened as a comedy:  “Bear Grylls,” Good first name his real name is -Edward (Ted) Micheal Grylls,” But Ted has not the same ring to it as Bear, although you could add another D and Y on the end of Ted and call him Teddy Bear. Survival programmes, when