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Channel 4S The Island.

  First posted 2014. Bear Grylls   It should be screened as a comedy:  “Bear Grylls,” Good first name his real name is -Edward (Ted) Micheal Grylls,” But Ted has not the same ring to it as Bear, although you could add another D and Y on the end of Ted and call him Teddy Bear. Survival programmes, when he supposed to

Ortolan Bird.

 The Ortolan Bird: The bloody French will eat anything that moves, it’s a wonder they don’t eat the migrants in Calais, However, they don’t move. I wrote a post on the ortolan about two and half years ago.Titled “Ortolan Bird Bloody French Eat Anything”  I have no further update on this bird. The ortolan is one of Swedens favourites.  The Swedes

DPRK: North Korea.

 This is a bit hypocritical to me, you have South Korea occupied by at least 23,000 United States troops, 28,000 occupying Japan and Guam. United States 7th fleet operates in the South China Sea, no wonder the DPRK feels under threat. A DPRK missile launch and the United States goes into overdrive, with exercises by

The Mussolini Look.

Trump Puts America First.He shoves Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic out of the way. He is one ignorant son of a bitch. Me. Gerald Pascal. . Share This:

China: From Panda Bears to Investments.

 China Once it was the Panda, now its foreign investment and it’s coming soon to a country near you. Last year the Financial Times wrote that China’s outbound investment will soon surpass the amount invested inside the country, making a giant step forward for mankind; China is on the verge of becoming a net exporter

Tito and Yugoslavia.

 It’s a long time since I visited Yugoslavia way back in the early 70s. Marshal Tito was President. I travelled to nearly all regions except Kosovo and Macedonia. Now the old Yugoslavia is made up of many new countries. ie. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo. Brief history: Yugoslavia a country

World Domination.

Now or in the future: Looking at the world now it seems just as dangerous as it did in the sixties. Cuban missile crisis as an example. Personally, I think it’s more dangerous!! The whole of the Middle East seems to be in turmoil, civil war, terrorist attacks and not just in the Middle East,

Kurdish asylum seeker attacked.

 A Kurdish Iranian asylum seeker was attacked by twenty to thirty youths and adults while waiting at a Croydon bus stop, the 17-year-old Kurdish boy suffered serious injuries, and this attack must be condemned.!!! Whether he was attacked by this many? probably many of them were bystanders or just watching.Which is worse stand by and

Le Front français national.

Le Front français national. Je ne suis pas pourquoi les médias continuent à appeler le parti national Front à l’extrême droite, il a plus de politiques socialistes que les socialistes. J’ai entendu Marine Le Pen parler à la télévision russe et elle avait plus de bon sens que l’autre politicien. Elle parlait de relations plus

Robots.Will lead to mass unemployment.

  Luddite Uprising. A little history for the unworldly. Once upon a time in 1779, a young man called Ned Ludd, he was an apprentice weaver in the village of Anstry, just outside Leicester, England. He never knew it; however he was about to make history, his occupation a framework-knitter, but his employer or master in