China: From Panda Bears to Investments.

  Once it was the Panda, now its foreign investment and its coming soon to a country near you. Last year the financial Times wrote that China’s outbound investment will soon surpass the amount invested inside the country, making a giant step forward for mankind; China is on the verge of becoming a net exporter of capital, it has already overtaken its Western counterparts as a primary source of credit for the developing world, and will no doubt exercise political influence from its financial prominence.

Pakistan is one of the beneficiaries of this investment with more than $55bn is expected to be ploughed into the country in the next five years. “A forecast from the Pakistan Business council”. Beijing is doing for Pakistan what the country cannot seemingly do for itself-provide functioning infrastructure, including power plants to solve the countries perennial energy shortages, which is holding back growth. While on the other hand United States of America are sending in drones blowing the country up or setting up military bases everywhere and intimidating many countries, which is good for the American armaments industries, but serves no purpose for the rest of mankind.

And us the United Kingdom: We are doing a little investing of our own in China contributing £26bn to its economy by 2020. At th same time China is buying everything it can get its hands on in our little Island, having bought stakes in Heathrow airport, Manchester airport, cereal-maker Weetabix, North Sea Oil, and Pizza Express, “nothing like a Chinese pizza”.

One more thing in Britain’s foreign aid budget which is £13.3bn thats provisional for 2016, the British Embassy in Beijing suggest that some of that cash should go for a project “in proving care in the community for elderly people in China”. Just hope the conservatives government have got their priorities right, our own senior citizens first. China at the moment is investing heavily in a space programme.

I hope Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wins the election and put our people first. Me.


Me Gerald Pascal


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