Donald Trump: I’m still waiting.



I am surprised that Donald has still not bombed Iranian nuclear plants; he was going to make a statement this week, however,  film producing Mongol Harvey Weinstein and his casting couch came into play.

United States president Donald Trump has threatened to pull out of the nuclear deal made with . However global powers have stood by the deal. What is the Iranian deal: (JCPOA) Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

In July 2015, the permanent five members of the United Nations Security Council: United States, Russia, China, Britain, and France, plus Germany agreed with Iran on a landmark deal to prevent Tehran from building a nuclear bomb. In exchange, certain international sanctions that have been in place for years would be lifted. The relief of sanctions has led to Iran to unfrozen funds of billions of dollars, and markets have opened up to many foreign investors.

Why is Trump so against this deal? As far as I gather Iran has kept to the deal, who is pulling his strings, is it the Jewish groups in the United States, many have deep pockets, and there are individuals donors who probably have some politicians in their pockets too!!! Who controls the media the top 1%, (multimillionaires;) fake news is being turned out like confetti, Iran, Russia, China, and every other country that don’t fit into the American format. I think the world is just as dangerous now as in the 60s.

It all leads to Israel, you know Israel they run the largest prison camp in the world, it’s called the Gaza Strip. The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports every Arab conflict in the middle east.

We in Great Britain should have kept our noses out of Arab Affairs, we in the west are responsible for the creation of Isis. Syria with Russia are defeating this caliphate state, the west is too when they are not bombing pro-Assad’s forces, and putting out fake news from sources unknown!!!  however, the west wants President Assad of Syria replaced so we will keep arming these so-called freedom fighters so the civil war will continue. And with many Isis fighters returning back here, and the Liberal do-gooders welcoming them with open arms. (That is an over the top remark). These Isis fighters and the female molls should be interned.  MI5 have their work cut out now keeping us safe. Me.


MI5 Military Intelligence,


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