DPRK: North Korea.

 This is a bit hypocritical to me, you have South Korea occupied by at least 23,000 United States troops, 28,000 occupying Japan and Guam. United States 7th fleet operates in the South China Sea, no wonder  the feels under threat. A DPRK missile launch and United States goes into overdrive, with exercises by Japan and South Korea sending missiles up by the score. DPRK is spending more on defence including its nuclear weapons programme at the expense of its people.Threats and sanctions don’t appear to be working, and why should China Assist the United States, last thing they want is United States troops sitting on ’s border with China.

DPRK has been firing missiles over the sea of Japan , THATS A BIG NO NO from America and its allies, however its OK for Pakistan, India, and Israel to produce and launch missiles.India has just launched another rocket this year. And British taxpayers are still giving aid to India’s impoverished, Foreign aid must end to these three countries forthwith.

Can you understand how the North Koreans must feel? having the United States military presence on their doorstep.

If you are living in the United States how would you react if Russia decided to have military exercises with Cuba, and missiles were dropping in the Gulf of Mexico, with plans being made to invade the United States and assassinate prominent individuals.However that’s what United States is doing in the South China sea along with South Korea and Japan. That seems to be fine!!! It’s Double standards bloody hypocrisy, but not a word of protest from Britain and other western nations.

Russia and China proposed a plan for defusing tensions over North Korea, suggesting that Pyongyang declare a moratorium on nuclear and missile test,while the United States and South Korea refrains from large-scale military exercises. However it’s not in America’s interest,they want to keep the pressure up, because millions of dollars are to be made in the arms industry, plus half of America would be unemployed and that’s unthinkable!!! Me.

Me Gerald Pascal


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