The following account is a true statement of what happened to me in Brookwood Hospital over 50 years ago.

This statement was written some years ago and was not meant to be posted on a blog. I have left the statement in its original form, with spelling and punctuation not corrected. Me Gerald Pascal. 20/09/2015.



Brookwood a pleasant village with a mental Hospital near Woking Surrey. I was a vulnerable 19-year-old, I was detained on the 1st of January 1963 under section 26 of the mental health act 1959, but it did not provide clarity as to whether a legal order to detain me in hospital and to impose medical experiments against my wishes. Only in the 1970s that legal framework for medical treatment became clear in such hospitals, and then health acts came into effect in following years. And on no account did I give permission for the hospital to give me mind bending drugs and other drugs on behalf of military intelligence and counter military intelligence MI5 and MI6 neither did my parents. Section 26 then, was a one year order with another one year order quickly following, I am not going into details why I was detained in hospital.

I was detained in the only high-security ward, although there other wards which were locked where patients suffering with dementia etc were detained. The individual dates when these experiments were carried out on me I do not remember but it is irrelevant. Let’s start with the drug Lysergic Acid Diethylamide known L.S.D. I call it pounds shillings and pence variety of different names today no doubt, you might say big deal half the population have been on these so-called trips but they had the choice to take the drugs or not, I didn’t, I am not going into detail where invented or when by whom brought this into the country, or the consequences in taking this, a lot of people will know the effects it can cause. I decided to take legal action.

Files were kept on me at the hospital and handed over to my defence team whether by court action I cannot say, the records show that I was administered the drug three times during 1963 and 1964. I was forced to take these drugs you either take the drugs orally or in the backside, I had no choice the name of the drug meant nothing to me. In the early 90s, I sued the health authorities along with 66 other patients mostly from Powick hospital none from Brookwood, it was mentioned in parliament about these drugs being administered to vulnerable mental patients also documents were produced marked top-secret that M15 and MI6 wanted these experiments carried out. The government never admitted liability.

Pre trial statements were taken, I had interviews with lawyers and a top psychiatrist six patients were selected as a test case this went on for about 6 or 7 years then out of the blue the psychiatrist representing us pulled out of the case giving no valid reason why to continue the case I would have to pay the cost which I could not afford all the patients dropped out, they offered me a small sum of money without admitting liability on condition that I say nothing. On the web site about Powick hospital which is near Worcester, they stated that the NHS gave £ to 43 patients, in fact, it was legal aid money that was used.

LSD was the main drug we decided to take action on because that’s where we had the most evidence of misuse, other drugs were administered to me including a new Swedish drug which left me like a zombie for 6 months. All sorts of reasons came out why they MI5 and MI6 wanted these experiments carried, this was during the cold war don’t forget, One idea if they sprayed the wheat fields of the Ukraine it would have an adverse reaction on the people of that region,[now an independent country.] No doubt there were other crazy ideas that they came up with.

I have seen no evidence at The Woking Lightbox, which has a permanent exhibition on Brookwood hospital about these unlawful experiments; and I think it should be known that a few people high up in the medical profession at Brookwood hospital were prepared to take part on behalf of the intelligence services. Me.


Signed and Dated

Me Gerald Pascal


This statement is now in the national archive.


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