Female Snowflake.

 Female snowflakes the media has got something else to feed off now, the witch hunt is on inside and outside of parliament for inappropriate behaviour. When men interview women whether they are reporters or politicians some women should be regarded as “snowflakes” as any untoward behaviour, human resources are likely to be called in. Perhaps a glass partition should be placed between the sexes.  I know some men in my past who have engaged in unacceptable behaviour, jack the lad, gods gift to women, some women can ride this banter out especially if they are dressed for the occasion, other women are groped who show no sign of such wanted attention. Why do some men do this do they think they are going to get a date “your place or mine darling.”

Boris Yeltsin the ignorant first president of the Russian Federation who thought it was a huge joke to Bra-twang female news reporters in front of television cameras. Sorry, this type should be placed in a straitjacket if he can’t control his Hannibal Lector tendencies.

Julia Hartley-Brewer broadcaster she commented on Twitter that as far as she is aware, incidents of genuine harassment involved only a small number of members of parliament from all parties, she has been working in and around Westminster for 20 years.

Almost 15 years ago Nick Griffin former leader of the BNP ( British National Party) was brought before the court charged with race hate crimes, he stated in speeches that mostly Asian men were and raping white girls in West Yorkshire towns. Which was in later years to be true, however, the news media choose to ignore it along no doubt along with the local Councils in favour of good race relations. Nick Griffin and his co-defendant were subsequently acquitted. However, the hate continued against the two. It’s only the last two or three years that the extent of child  has come to the throw and it’s nationwide, and many Asian gangs have been sent to prison.

Back to the inappropriate behaviour where is it going to end? it’s coming to a stage you won’t be able to look at a female as she may be thinking you bloody old ugly pervert. In my case, she well may be right!!!. Me.




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