Harry Another Royal Wedding.

 This time Prince Harry 5th in line to the throne soon to be 6th. Harry, the second son of Princess Diana, will marry the mixed race actress .

The actress intends to become a British citizen according to a spokesperson for Harry, and maybe she could become a Television celebrity over here too; Mrs Brown s boys comes to mind some of their actors have offshore accounts. I am not suggesting that she wouldn’t pay tax god for bid. However, It’s about time that the very rich “and she too is bloody rich” paid their share. Tax avoidance and tax evasion hurt our public services and our society. It’s immoral and economically damaging.

The fat cats, multimillionaires and billionaires who evade paying their full dues are not role models to be admired. They are the epitome of “getting something for nothing” they are the beneficiaries of grotesquely unequal society where irresponsibility largess exists alongside low wages, poverty, cash-starved public services, food banks and homelessness.

Are you feeling that wedding feeling? Apparently, the republican movement is!!! they are very happy for the couple, although they do have some reservations about the misuse of public funds, inappropriate lobbying and abuse of privilege.

The coverage this week has already gone into overdrive, another Public Relations exercise, from the British Broadcasting Corporation and other media outlets.

What I can never understand is why people in some cases have no money or very little money vote for the conservative party, the Liberal Democrats we can assign them to the scrapheap.

The public utilities should be taken back into public ownership especially the railways who are foreign owned, money should be ploughed back into the industry not paid out to shareholders, same with water, gas, and electric all should be taken back into public ownership as The Labour parties Jeremy Corbyn stated in his manifesto, many things he is now backtracking ; The Bradbury Pound, Brexit, and the Monarchy.

Worlds Wealth: Britain, crowned fifth richest county in the world behind the United States, China, Japan, and Germany. Me.


The black princess?  Why are half-casts or mixed race like Obama and racing driver Lewis Hamilton always described as black?




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