I and my companion Rebecca on another jolly: Back to Hungary, and we also incorporated Vienna, Austria. Only five days but did not disappoint.

Six months earlier when we visited Budapest it was a public holiday, many places of interest were closed including the House of Terror.The House of Terror commemorating the 1956 Hungarian uprising and Soviet occupation. This is museum and monument at the former headquarters of the communist secret police, its exhibition commemorates the victims of the Nazis and communist regimes in the 20th century, including those detained, tortured and murdered in this building.

This is a permanent exhibition which portrays fascist Germany,Soviet Union during years of occupation and suppression by those powers. What it did not mention in great detail was its relationship with Nazi Germany, maybe Hungary was trying to forget, or I never got the full picture.

Hungary was a supporter of the axis powers.In the 1930s the country relied on trade with fascist Italy and Nazi Germany; to pull itself out of the Great Depression. (In 1926 Britain itself fell on hard times, Jarrow hunger marches.) Politics in Hungary became more nationalistic and adopted an irredentist policy similar to Germany, attempting to incorporate ethnic Hungarians areas in neighboring countries into Hungary.

Hungary benefitted territorially from its relationship with the axis powers!!! Settlements were negotiated regarding territorial disputes with Czechoslovak Republic, the Slovak Republic, and the Kingdom of Romania.In 1940 under pressure from Germany, Hungary joined the axis the so-called Tripartite pact, (also known as the Berlin Pact.) Germany allowed Hungary to share in the booty.

Arrow Cross: The “Arrow Cross Party”a national socialist party led by Ferenc Lz’alasi appointed by Germany as Leader of the nation Defacto also prime minister in Hungary from October 1944-March 1945.

I don’t really want to dwell on the history of Hungary, I went there for a holiday however I wanted to clarify one or two things!

Back to the holiday: Some Chit Chat. We tried to visit the Great Synagogue again, however no avail. On the outside the Synagogue looks impressive with its castellated red and yellow glazed brick facade, and two enormous Moorish- style towers, they say it’s the largest Jewish House of Worship in the world outside New York, New York. Seating 3,000 worshipers. We never saw  inside  parliament again!!We finished of with a meal at Jewish restaurant accompanied by piano music. we made a return visit to Gellert Baths,(Spa) I pre- booked in advance anticipating being half term it would be rather busy according to the booking agent, we supposed to have our own private entrance meet and greet, plus a gift,we could have had 20  minutes aromatherapy massage, or a private 50 minutes  Harmony relax Massage, I never took that up, ,I felt a bit mean because I never consulted Rebecca. My-self I took a penance! Motto: There were no crowds and well worth a visit. The following day we headed off by train to Vienna, Austria, I shall write an account of Austria in a following post. Me.




Jewish Restaurant: Spinoza Cafe. Dob u 15, 1074. Budapest.


Me Gerald Pascal.



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