Israel: Deports:

   Israel: They control the most extensive open prison camp in the world. The ! And Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli prime minister who is liable to go on trial shortly for corruption. However, His government want to deport some 60,000 North African migrants who have entered Israel illegally fleeing war, and famine, mainly from and Sudan. One government minister stated they are cancer of Israel’s social fabric and Jewish character.

Israel launched a plan this week to offer African migrants $3,500 payments, free air ticket to return home, or go to third counties which rights groups have identified as Rwanda and . They have until March this year to accept the offer, beyond that date the proposal will decrease, and detention and prison will follow. 20 thousand have already been deported, and some 1,400 are being held in two detention centers.

Israel does its own thing they ignore United Nations sanctions along with other countries, most of them United States allies. .Me.




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