Jeremy Corbyn Leader of the Labour Party:

 Jeremy changed his mind on the European Union and put his foot in the remain camp. In the 70s Corbyn voted to pull out of the European Union and voted against the Maastrick treaty of 1993. Why did he change his mind at the stages of the Labour leadership election last summer, he was still saying he could see circumstances where he might vote, and even campaign to leave the European Union. There was discontent in the working class towns of Northern England over mass immigration, why didn’t Corbyn listen? “They voted for Brexit.”

In about 15-20 years, about 50% of the workforce will be unemployed. Robots will take over. We have problems now  with housing, schooling, and the health service especially mental health facilities which are non- existent in some areas,when patients have been sent 200 miles for in-house psychiatric treatment, which is a national disgrace.  That is why I believed in the old mental institutions they offered asylum from the pressures of everyday life.They should never have been closed for the so-called care in the community which is sometimes inadequate for to-days needs.Read my posts experiments at Brookwood Hospital, Woking, Surrey.

Bradbury Pound: Jeremy Corbyn at one time supported the Bradbury Pound and signed the motion with Austin Micheal, and three other Labour Members of Parliament.So what is the Bradbury Pound. The Great war started on 4th of August 1914, and the Bradbury Pound was issued by the treasury on 7th of August, to avoid a run on the banks, the treasury notes signed By JB-a form of national-credit, backed by the credit of the nation. Corbyn should have stuck with his beliefs, however that wouldn’t go down well with the Jewish bankers or banksters. Just recently so-called anti-Semitic remarks rattled the Jewish cage.

If Jeremy Corbyn is elected as Prime Minister and that’s a big if! The Bradbury pound should be on the menu, start implementing interest free money one based upon wealth, integrity, and potential of our country, such an initiative would completely remove the hold the banks have over the nation and would kick start the economy. Lets remove the private banks from the equation, remove our- selves from under the heel of the Central Banking System. Lets restore the historical precedent of the Bradbury Pound, and put to use rebuilding a productive economy!!! Lets open a can of worms, or do the banking dynasties, such as the Rothschild’s, hold the reins.

He said he would nationalize the service industries, end Trident. We are a dot on the map who in the bloody hell is going to attack us? “North Korea, Russia,” give me a break!!!

I can never understand why people with no or little money vote conservative. If the Tories get elected god help us.

I don’t believe in everything that Corbyn believes in. However we want some radical change from an honest politician.Me.

Me Gerald Pascal





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