Jon Venables.

Another monster coming out of the woodwork yet again, Jon . He and classmate Robert Thomson murdered James Bulger way back in 1993 they themselves were only ten years old. Two-year-old James was abducted from a shopping center and lured to a railway track in Bootle Merseyside, where he was tortured and murdered.

These two young ferals were released in 2001 on life licence, given new identities after serving eight years.

However, Jon Venables broke his parole and jailed for two years for allegedly possessing child abuse pictures. This 35-year-old low life back inside again for possessing child abuse images. Is he going to receive a fifth new identity?

The cost so far for the taxpayer is £250,000 for new identities, and up to £5 Million-being spent on his rehabilitation.

No more money or new identities, the only money to be spent is on castration and Lobotomy.

Have a picture, However, could involve legal action if shown, Many have seen picture anyway across the world. Me.


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