Manchester: Bee Symbol of Manchester.

 The terror in : We in Britain, European Union, and of course the United States of America, we created this monster called ISIS. The Western nations wanted regime changes in the Middle East! so we bomb the shit out of them, “we sow the seed so we must reap the whirlwind.”  

The United Kingdom is among the countries that have created, trained, armed and funded all sorts of terrorist groups or so-called freedom fighters all over the Islamic world; not to mention and continue to sell arms to that other Kingdom, “Saudi Arabia”who has committed war crimes against Yemen. The West has continued to cause chaos in the Arab world look at Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Great Britain  or United Kingdom or what ever you want to call this great country of mine. Us along with United States and its allies wanted regime change in these Arab countries. Why bloody oil, and not trading in United States Dollars. You don’t mess with the Dollar, plus they want states compliant to the Western way of life and so-called democracy? Syria doesn’t produce that amount of oil however, “Russia has been a long-term Allie of President Assad of Syria,and has been providing military assistance for years, not just through the civil war.” The West would like President Assad to be removed because he is in a strategic position, also with his anti- imperialist and anti-Zionist stance, allies with Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Iran!!!

The West couldn’t care less about democracies in the Middle East. The British people are gullible into thinking that it’s all to do with freedom and justice. The real reason for the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi of Libya is he wanted to trade gold for oil, Iraq in Euros,.not the dollar! you don’t fuck with the Western banking system!! any country that puts his head above the counter will have it chopped off. America has interfered, and even invaded, scores of countries since world war two, and we are complicit in some of these wars. There will be no peace until the Western nations stop bombing the shit out of everybody else.

This Manchester murderer Salman Abedi and his Father Ramadan, had long-standing links to a violent Jihadist group which may have had British backing for the 2011 Libyan war, and 1996 attempt to kill  Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.The war saw the overthrow of the his regime and the eventual murder of the leaded himself after he was captured by the opposition fighters. Since the Western intervention Libya has been in chaos.

Armed police are in Woking this Saturday morning, troops on the streets, this is not a political move by the government this has been on the cards for years in case the British people decide they have had enough of the status quo.However with 6 million old faggots who will never change their voting habits!!!. Jeremy Corbyn is our only hope he seems an honest politician, if he listens to the grassroots I’m sure the gap will close between the conservatives. I can’t understand people with no money can cast their vote for a conservative politician. Me.


Manchester what can you say we have killed thousands of children in the Middle East by direct action, or by selling arms to that shit Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.It will continue less we change our war like policies to the rest of the world. I don’t mean make peace with ISIS!!!Me.

Me Gerald Pascal



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