Jeremy Corbyn attended a pro-rally in London on Saturday; he refused an invitation to mark the centenary of the by not having dinner with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. He asked the shadow secretary to attend. Emily Thornbury. British prime minister Theresa May invited Netanyahu to London the Jailer of the biggest open prison camp in the world which is called the “Gaza Strip” for the centenary celebration.

Jeremy Corbyn has been a long time supporter of the Palestinian cause. However, in line with official government policy supports a two-state solution to the conflict between the countries.

The Balfour Declaration signed on November 2, 1917, by Britains then foreign secretary Arthur Balfour it was a pledge from the British governments of support for a Jewish homeland in . Palestine had an only minority Jewish population, Britain governed Palestine under the League of Nations mandate. As far as I know, the British government has no illegitimacy, especially after the allies were grateful for the help the Arabs gave to them in defeating the Turks.

There was another agreement made during the Great War. The McMahon agreement this was between, the British high commissioner in Egypt and Husayn ibn Ali of Mecca, the correspondence effectively traded British support for an independent Arab state in exchange for their assistance in opposing the . There was a series of letters exchanged from July 1915 to March 1916 which recognised Arab independence.

So Britain had an agreement that Palestine was an Arab state. Then this Balfour Declaration came into effect in 1917 which preceded the former British agreement under McMahon.

Britain seems to have this problem of divide and rule, Palestine, Ireland, and India with the creation of Pakistan. And we are still fighting wars Yugoslavia, Libya, Afghanistan, and we mustn’t forget the war monger Tony Blair and his 45-minute warning on the coming armageddon from President Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Me.


Great War 1914-18



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