Rapist, Worboys.

Porn Star .

I read that ex-black cabby John Worboysis ex-stripper, and porn star is to be freed after nine years in prison. He carried out rapes and sexual assaults on over a hundred women, but only tried on one rape and a minimal number of sexual assaults with drugs. This is a monster and should never be let out; castration should be an order of the day along with the bloody parole board!!!

This ex- driver will soon be living near you; he will probably be driving a private hire car? However, he will be given a new identity, a local authority house if there are any left. All at taxpayers expense, we love our criminals, rapist, paedophiles, and we must not forget our foreign criminals? All welcome to the United Kingdom.

There is now a public outcry over this, with around 60 cross-party Members of parliament have now urged justice secretary to investigate if victims of Worboys were consulted on his release!! They should be urging the justice secretary to have him rearrested on his release, while police look into further fresh allegations. Me.







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