Russian Television.


Russian Television in the United States is under attack from the Department of Justice. Apparently, channel is now an agent of a foreign power. The network will have to provide regular reporting on its activities and flag all funds it receives from the Russian government. The United States Justice Department can’t explain why this is the case or what laws they have broken; RT gives views others shy away from. People now want to here and see other forms of media away from the mainstream. And that doesn’t go down with the owners of the millionaire press, who represent the top 1%, they don’t want to be challenged. If RT television is broadcasting the truth, and the mainstream media is placed in an uncomfortable position the only way out is to make them a foreign power and placed restrictions on their broadcasting.

RT editor Margàrita Simonyan said she will comply with the demand in order to avoid further legal action by the United States government. and it’s not just in America over here the powers to be would like to ban RT too. Twitter has announced it would no longer take advertisements from RT.

What will happen now? Russian parliament warned that some United States and other foreign media could also be declared “foreign agents” in response to the actions against RT, regarding them to regularly declare full details of their funding and staffing. Tit for Tat which are driving the countries apart where we should be seeking closer ties. Me.



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