Tax Avoidance, Tax Havens:

 I have been posting on my blog about particularly some of the top 1% of companies. Now with the exposure of the Paradise Papers, many more including sports personalities and television celebrities could be in line for Madam Guillotine. Maybe I won’t go that far.

The comedy series Mrs Brown Boys they have done the funniest thing yet, some of the cast have had their salary placed in an offshore account in Mauritius based companies, which then sent the money back as loans.

Actors Patrick Houlihan Martin Delany and actress Fiona Delany have been members of this particular act of how to avoid  paying taxes, these overpaid actors and sportspersons and probably many of the top 1% of  companies have been dodging their fair share of tax, and the working class who pay as you earn have no chance of scamming the tax system.

The working class has to cover the social services while the top 1% pay the minimum possible.

They say that it is all legal they have done nothing wrong, I question that. The best argument the come up with, is that wealth trickles down so we all get richer instead of poorer? However money has been trickling up not down, and the rich are getting richer and the gap bigger than ever between the two.

Well maybe we all like to pay less tax, and we love our duty-free cigarettes and duty-free alcohol. However, that is small change compared to mixed-race driver Lewis Hamilton 3.5 million pounds tax avoidance. Me.


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