The Glenfell Fire:


:Its one of the most serious fires I have seen, the speed in which it engulfed the building was horrendous, cladding on the facade seemed to have caused this rapid expanse of the fire; so questions need to be answered not just cladding.

Glenfill and other local council flats used to be managed by the council themselves. Ex prime minister Margaret Thatcher introduced right to buy in 1980, council housing and its tenants have been sidelined, council homes  have decreased by 2 million,  only the most economically dispossessed receive housing. Local authority housing has been handed over to newly created Quasi-Private bodies, such as arms length management organisations and tenant management or transferred en-masse to housing associations. Now these housing associations can now sell. The government relaunched the right to buy from April 12th 2012, with large discounts. This new housing bill include plans to developers to build discounted starter homes instead of traditional rented housing for the poorer people in the community.

Back to the Glenfill fire which broke out in North Kensington London, in the wake of the fire all high-rise flats are now being tested for fire risk,  including hospitals and schools, at the time of writing all of them seem to be failing, 160 so far in 37 councils with the government facing a six hundred million pound bill, however expert risk advisers say it’s a waste of time without going to all aspects of this fire.

Its going to be a mammoth task and costly to rectify and make these buildings fire-proof, councils do have nest eggs, or don’t they? otherwise our government will have to do some quantitative easing for our local councils.

Other countries have had similar fires, ie: Dubai, Melbourne Australia, Russia, and China maybe we should have taken note!!!

To me this is going to be one drawn out investigations and the truth has got to come out whether its cost cutting or corruption.

Hillsborough football stadium disaster in 1989, at Sheffield, court dates have now been finally set for 6 individuals to be tried.  Just hope it’s not 28 years for Glenfill. Me.



Quantitative Easing i.e. Printing money however they don’t print it.

It is I or Me: Gerald Pascal







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