Two Banana Republics Guatemala and Honduras.

 I hear that and these two bananas republics along with an archipelago of geopolitically obscure islands; Togo, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau. The two larger countries Guatemala and Honduras have sold their soul for a kings shilling to gain a few more dollars in American aid? By voting with America and Israel at the United Nations, to move the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem! Keep adding fuel to the fire Trump!! this man is one of the leading figures of the top 1%. of the population that exploit the rest of us.

So where is Guatemala? It’s a central American country south of Mexico, its home to rainforests, ancient Mayan sites and volcanoes. The capital is Guatemala City; population 15 million; area 108.890 sq Km.

A 36-year civil war has just ended against leftist guerrillas, mostly Mayan insurgents who fought the state which in turn was supported by the United States, more than 200 thousand people primary civilians were killed or disappeared. The indigenous Mayan make up half the population, however civil rights campaigners say they face extreme inequality. The country is under civilian rule. The elected president with 72% of the vote is Jimmy Morales a television comedian, still playing the part. The state is a Mayan corridor for smuggling gangs, a country that I will not be visiting.

Honduras its neighbour another tinpot country in the Central American zone, it’s known as the Spanish Republic of Honduras, it has been referred to as Spanish Honduras to differentiate it from British Honduras which became modern-day Belize. The capital is Tegucigalpa, population 8½ million, area 112.088 sq Km, President Juan Orlando Hemànde, elections were held on November 26th, 2017. It’s not possible to confirm if the elected process was manipulated or if fraud occurred, the elections led to contested result, followed by widespread protests some turned violent many people have been killed and injured, thousands arrested. On the 27th January 2018 presidential inauguration is scheduled this may create another flash point.

Final point both countries the women are getting enriched, and the murder rate is high especially Guatemala. Me.


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