Vienna, Austria.

Rebecca my companion on the hotel veranda opposite the Schonbrunn Palace, having her nightly cup of cocoa.

Our jolly from Budapest Hungary to Austria by train was pleasant but uneventful, with no border or customs we  didn’t know when we crossed the border into Austria. Two hours forty minutes we were in Vienna.

Vienna has been the home of some famous residents, Sigmund Freud, Beethoven and Mozart.

Vienna’s capital lies in the country’s east, on the Danube river. The city is known for its imperial palaces including Schonbrunn the Habsburg summer residence, we stayed in the Trend Park Hotel overlooking the palace, six miles from the city centre it was easily accessible with good public transport facilities, Trams, Underground (U-bahn,) and Buses, we purchased a Vienna Pass for about £12 well worth it.We used mainly on the U-Bahn, which was an easy metro system to use and find our way around the city,well it was for my younger companion she also spoke German which was useful. My-self I would probably still be in the U-Bahn. What I did notice or in this case did not, there were no exit signs you just went up the escalators and hope to see daylight.

Our hotel was opposite the Royal schonbrunn Palace, however we only looked at the facade of the building, time was at a premium although we did manage a quick look in the zoo, twin pandas were their main exhibit. I am not to keen on zoos per say, however the way the world is going, zoos maybe all we will have left to see these magnificent animals.

The main event for us was the opera house, known today as the Vienna State opera house and is considered one of the important opera houses in the world. I obtained two tickets for a German opera translation on the seat in front. A very enjoyable evening. We only had a little over two days in Vienna, we visited the Klimt museum where his famous painting of the kiss is on show. A boat trip on the canal  a bit of tourist shopping then home. However I shall (we shall) return as the American General MacArthur said during world war two on his escape from the Philippines. “I came through I shall return.” I cant get a way from politics. Me.

Me. Gerald Pascal






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