World Domination.

Now or in the future: Looking at the world now it seems just as dangerous as it did in the sixties. Cuban missile crisis as an example.

Personally I think its more dangerous!! The whole of the Middle East seems to be in turmoil, civil war, terrorist attacks and not just in the Middle East, we have our home-grown terrorists. Couple of million displaced people in the world are on the move,  most want to go to Europe and especially United Kingdom.  The Western nations have caused this turmoil especially in the Middle East with their regime changes, trying to force our form of democracy on them, in reality we couldn’t care less about democracy in the Arab countries, what we want  is subservience to the dollar, multi national companies, and of course the Banks or as I call them the Banksters!!! to exploit the wealth of the country, and the population.

Take Africa it should be one of the riches continents on the planet. Zimbabwe was the bread basket of Africa, now imports wheat.The continent has been exploited by the multinationals for years with debts they can never repay. Although the IMF wrote of many debts, the debt levels are rising again in Africa, debt is a major set back for the African economy, many African countries are still under developed, pirates operations off the Somalia coast even as far as the Seychelles, terrorist atrocities in many African countries, civil war. now starvation.You read about all the hype about IMF,World Bank loans, bloody Bonds, all they do is cradle Africa in debt.  Half of Africa is on the move to Western Europe. President Gaddafi of Libya stopped this illegal trade, what did we do? had him toppled and regime change, look at the state of Libya today overrun by different factions of war lords,ISIS,the only recognisable government is in the Capital-itself.`

War could break out anytime between North Korea and America, its good to read that Boris the (Turk) Johnson will be up Americas back side. “What the world has got to realise is” The United States is top gun along with our one tank United Kingdom, and European allies, you don’t fuck with the top 1% of the population which run the big multi corporations, Banks, and you don’t fuck with the dollar, each country must be subservient to the United States and its poodles, other wise regime change is on the menu, you may even be at risk of  nuclear missiles attack !!! Nuked which could well happen to North Korea (DPRK.) I am now at an age I don’t care whether I am nuked or not.Me..

Me Gerald Pascal


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